The mission of Fair Ground Community Redevelopment Project is to cultivate a town commons where citizens gather, play and learn, as both stewards and beneficiaries of the land’s agricultural, historical, recreational and environmental gifts.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Fair Ground Community Redevelopment Project (GBFG) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization which is working to rescue the long-abandoned Fairgrounds site in Great Barrington.

In order to make the long-held dream of a revitalized Fairgrounds come true, we need your help.

Please consider a generous gift to help us continue to clean up and restore this community treasure. Or give a gift in the name of someone on your list—one present you can be sure will be a perfect fit!

Did you know that the plans for the Fairgrounds include a community park, a riverside path, and a community garden? Our community partners include Americorps, Greenagers and Great Barrington Trails & Greenways.  Our vision for the site is pictured above.

GBFG is a beautiful work in progress!

We also welcome you to join one of our many GBFG Committees to be involved in a way that suits your interests and expertise.  See all committees and information here.

Happy Spring!!


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