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GBFG was formed to secured the property two years ago after decades of watching it decline, and then get caught in the cross-hairs of aggressive commercial development, and then decline some more.  We saw huge potential for something wonderful to happen there.  The once-derelict property returned to community hands via a new non-profit established in 2012, and something wonderful is now underway: busy, committed people with full plates are making room for this shared project and putting their shoulders to the wheel. The property is getting cleaned up and coming back to life.

Something wonderful is happening at the Fairgrounds.  We welcome you to be part of it.  Email or one of the Committee Chairs below to let us know which committee suits your interests and expertise!


Events: The events committee organizes on-site events presented by GBFG, and also acts as a liaison to  other groups interested in making use of the Fairgrounds as a venue for their event.  This committee also oversees organizational events held at GBFG or elsewhere, and provides support to other committees interested in organizing events or fundraisers. Events Chair:Howard Lieberman  

Communications and Outreach (C&O) is the voice of the project! This group handles public relations, press releases, advertising, social media, website maintenance, and mailings. C&O Chair:Howard Lieberman  

Agriculture and Gardens: The Agriculture committee is working on the definition and development of long-term Agricultural projects on-site, exploring permaculture and other natural and organic farming techniques as well as community education around these topics. This group is actively engaged in designing and building a community garden, and other showcase plantings. Co-Chair: Mathieu BoudreauCo-Chair: Jenny Schwartz

Cowshed: This committee oversees the first capital project at the Fairgrounds: designing and building the reconstructed Cow Shed.  The process includes the design, permitting and construction of the new post and beam, timber-framed, open pavilion for use as a venue for markets, gatherings, dances and concerts. Contact Andy Matlow.

Development and Fundraising: This committee focuses on fund raising: recruiting and tracking donors, researching and writing grants, and generally gathering funds to sustain, develop, and grow the project. Contact: Deborah Levinson

Commons and Recreation: This committee is concerned with public access: trails, park land, and low-impact recreational activities. This committee will also work in conjunction with The Agriculture and Gardens committee and Grounds and Maintenance to preserve and maintain pristine environmental aspects of the site, for the health of the land as well as the education of the community.

Dog Park: The dog park committee will be involved in the design, permitting, fundraising, building, and maintenance of an on-site dog park.

Historical: The Historical committee will work to develop archives of interviews, photos, and stories about the Great Barrington Fairgrounds, and its significance in the lives of community members and local history.

Ground and Maintenance:  Grounds and Maintenance guides the progress of ongoing site-wide clean-up as well as maintenance of groomed areas.

ZEAM Team (Zoppe Circus): Zoppe, a classic European one-ring circus that has played to delighted crowds all over the US, returns to the Berkshires with 6 performances at GBFG July 17-19.  Interested in helping with ticket sales, sponsorships and promotions for our biggest fundraiser yet? Contact Sally Keyes.

Outdoor Movie Nights: Last season a small group of dreamers test-drove the notion of  movies under the stars and it turned out to be more fun than all estimates combined,  Join the team planning the monthly movie nights: film selection, promotion, set-up and take-down, concessions, etc. All this and free popcorn, too. Contact Adam Gudeon.

Social Media: Do you love social media?  Facebook and Twitter have become our megaphone to the world.  Everyone can help the cause by sharing, commenting, and liking our posts, events, and photos on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to be more involved with helping GBFG to find it’s voice and make official posts, please email Lynnette Najimy.

Volunteering: Wondering how your piece fits into our puzzle? Which thread of the web you are holding? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Beth Carlson for information on how to get involved. Want to get your hands dirty? On site workdays are a couple of Sundays a month, 9-11 am. We need crew chiefs too!



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