The Fair Ground Community Redevelopment Project was established to guide the positive redevelopment of a parcel of land that is environmentally rich, physically central and emotionally vital to the Berkshires. We see the property’s agricultural and community heritage being brought to new life as an incubator of ideas with the potential to shape our region’s future:

  • awareness of the phenomenal natural beauty of our local landscape
  • protection of open space
  • cultivation of a local food-shed and of the next generation of farmers who will make it possible
  • enjoyment of communal outdoor recreation

The land will be developed according to four core principles:

  • environmental sensitivity & stewardship
  • education and community benefit
  • exemplary practices in sustainability
  • long-term financial stability

We envision a new model of success for this effort, one that departs from a traditional understanding of profit and the bottom line. Making this vision of a vital community resource into a reality will call for—and depend upon–the inspired engagement of individuals, new and existing local not-for-profit organizations, and area businesses.


Agriculture Education Preservation Recreation



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