GBFG Community Gardens

On May 19, 2016
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The GBFG Community Garden is off to a great start!  18 of 24 beds have been reserved and gardeners have been working to prepare their beds with organic soil and are nearing the planting phase.  If you’d like to join the Community Garden, please let us know!  Everything you need to get started, except for the plants is provided, including a $20 gift certificate to Wards!

 A gate has been installed at the garden and a load of organic compost/soil has been delivered.  Gardeners have been filling beds and leveling them out.  Now we are each thinking about what we want to plant and how to lay out our individual beds.  Name posts will be ready soon for the corner of each bed.

Access to the garden is open for members during daylight hours.  We host group gatherings every 2 weeks for everyone to get together to work, talk, train, and advise.
We’ll see everyone on May 29 for our next group day.  Come meet your neighbors and have a warm afternoon of gardening together. Tips, advice and tools are available to all!

And now for this week’s Community Garden poem:

The quick growing days of June
will be here soon.

As reliable as the phases of the moon.

 So whatever distractions require separation,
 figure out the magic equation
 Because we all know that good preparation
 is the key to a flourishing Gardening nation
 and the fruits at the harvest that bring elation.
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