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A large and central portion of the site will be dedicated to agriculture. Because of its location and visibility, the Fairgrounds has the potential to become a beacon of highly-productive small-scale farming, as well as a “food hub,” where local production can be aggregated, processed, and stored to the benefit of farmers and consumers alike. The site will accommodate agricultural events as well, including fairs and markets. Existing buildings will be adapted and renovated to host these activities. This activity will raise the profile of local agriculture, as well as provide valuable services to the surrounding growers and consumers. An preliminary GBFG research project just concluded has clearly indicated that the demand for locally grown food exceeds the ability of farmers to supply this demand year-round.

GBFG is considering filling gaps in the local food system in the following ways:

• Growing more food on site and extending the growing season with greenhouse space made available for local farmers

• Increasing the number of farmers in the area by providing year-round apprentice positions on the Fair Ground Farm

• Providing food storage (commercial scale root cellars) for farmers to be able to expand their production and extend availability of fresh foods into the winter months

• Providing food processing capacity for local growers such as flash-freezing and freezer storage that will enable growers to sell their produce year-round

• Creating a centralized food distribution area – Food Hub – that will address transportation issues that constrain farmers’ ability to market their product

• Hosting a consolidated, regional year-round Market with potential expansion to other and specialized markets for local trade like craft markets, flower markets and tag sales

Farmer's Market

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