My Fairgrounds! Volunteer Profile: Bob Harris

On May 19, 2015

Bob Harris“In the spring, at the end of the day you should smell like dirt”, says Bob Harris, and at GBFG, he has been putting that motto to work for the benefit of the community.

A native of New York City, with a primary residence in Brooklyn, Bob and his family have been coming to their home in Great Barrington for thirty years.  The Harrises have really taken up stewardship of their property and the wildlife preserve surrounding it, battling invasives and developing a native plant buffer around the pond.  Bob credits Project Native for having provided an inspiring education (and almost becoming a second Berkshires home) to them.

Bob has vivid recollections of the Fairgrounds, where he experienced being close to animals, other than cats or dogs, for the first time. He still recalls that first smell of hay and cows and sheep.  He has great memories, and still regrets not having taken advantage of the helicopter rides that were available.

Bob was delighted when he first saw the Shopper’s Guide ad seeking GBFG volunteers.  Why?  It meant that the land was not going to be commercially developed.   Bob says it best:  “I’m one of those guys that gets happy with a chain saw going after invasives, and there is so much to be done.  I look forward to seeing GBFG become an educational hub for young and old to learn about our environment and fall in love with the smell of the earth.”

Bob is married with two sons, one in the Peace Corps in Senegal and the other completing a master’s degree in New Orleans.  He is a licensed plumber with a business in NYC (Colbren Plumbing and Heating).  When not tearing up invasives, other interests include tennis, birding and, of course, gardening.

THANKS for all you do, BOB!

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